Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Fireplace screen almost done!

Finished it up last week.  Just needs to be sandblasted and then I'll heat and close the rivets.  Even the rivets are handmade.  Should be pretty sweet when it's done! 


Dreamcatcher Design & Build said...

Hey, I like the looks of that fireplace screen but have you ever thought about making fireplace doors?

I have been contemplating making some fireplace doors for a pre-fab fireplace in my home. After going to a fireplace dealer and seeing what they charge for doors (and seeing what you get for what they charge) I decided that it would be relatively simple to construct my own fireplace doors out of some steel stock and buy some 'fire glass' and 'rope seal' to make them look as good or better than those in the store.

Of course I haven't gotten around to building them yet. But I am hoping you will consider building some so I can fabricate them vicariously though you and your blog.


metalogical said...

Hey, I am so sorry for not getting back to you sooner. I would definitely build some, however, the fireplace market isn't exactly huge down here in South Florida and I would need a customer for that type of job. This screen is for my parents' house in Virginia.

To be honest, I haven't done a set of doors like what you are talking about. I think with kind of project, it's better to catch it in the construction phase since they are usually put in with the rock, etc.

I am also stuck with crappy fireplace doors at my house. They look like they would be nearly impossible to remove without taking a bunch of the fireplace stones out. I never use the thing, though, so I will probably just leave them alone unless we decide we are staying forever and ever. Good luck!