Wednesday, February 9, 2011

My new old motorcycle

I finally finished off my 1978 XT500 project.  For now anyway.  It's a super fun bike, especially with all the dirt roads around here.  I stripped it down to the frame, removed the stuff I didn't need, and changed a few things.  I also reworked a smaller tank to fit the frame, made a seat pan and had it upholstered, and modified the stock exhaust.  There are a few other custom parts here and there, and pretty much everything that doesn't make it go or stop is gone other than the head and tail lights.


Claudio Mccarty said...

The motorcycle still looks brand new! Looks like it wasn’t used much by the previous owner. It was meticulously taken care of. You can tell from its silver exterior sparkling under the sun.

>Claudio Mccarty

Barry Bates said...

The bike sounds really good. O sweet music. : ) Great job, you! You are an awesome mechanic. It’d be a good idea to get that baby an insurance policy. That way, it’d be covered, fate forbid of course, but at least it’ll have some protection.

<- Barry Bates

Hannah Parkin said...

It’s a good thing that you removed the stuff you don’t need from your bike. It doesn’t look so bulky that way. Plus, you can have more space if you want to customize it, or if you want to add something to it. It’s ready to go off-road!

>Hannah Parkin